About Us

Welcome to Life Between The Sheets, the only betting site where you and supporters of the team you love can always benefit, even if you don’t back a winner.

Life Between The Sheets is a one-of-a-kind betting platform, the only bookmaker in the world which creates a bond with sports fans by committing to share half of its net profits directly with supporters. Via our “Fan Partner” scheme, you simply type in your club when registering then choose your local fan partner/club/organisation to receive funds on a quarterly basis – we track your bets and do all the hard work.

Life Between The Sheets work towards forming a genuine bond with fans by teaming-up with trusted and accredited fans groups and committees, who themselves decide where and when the money returned to them will be spent to help fans. Whether that might be to help raise funds to buy a stake in their club, subsidise tickets, travel or other important supporter-related issues. “Win-win betting” is the perfect way to support your team, combining the thrill of a winning bet with the reassurance and satisfaction of knowing that a portion of all losing bets will help benefit fans of your team. It really is that simple.

Back a winner and get paid out instantly in the traditional way, back a loser and be content that by using Life Between The Sheets you’ll be betting with the only bookmaker that truly shares with the fans. Avoiding the traditional, costly and outdated methods of expensive television advertising, Life Between The Sheets works harder to help, reward and retain its members. What’s more, our highly competitive odds, plus range of specially created bets for your team, means that by working with fans instead of merely profiting from them, Life Between The Sheets is perfectly positioned to take the sports betting world by storm.