Starting the year off right....

You guys, I had a reset. Like, down there.
Basically, I'm a virgin again. Well almost, kind of.

I had an uni steam. Wait no, that's sushi (mmmm, sushi)

- A yoni steam.

Its like a spiritual spa for your, well, yoni. (yoga for kitty).

Twas nice. Quite nice actually. So warm and steamy. But more than just a feel good thing it was a cleansing thing. Physically, but also energetically. And I'm really happy I did it. One, it smelled amaaaazing and was so pretty to look at, and two (and more importantly) it got me in a place of communication with my inner self again. Which was much needed. It had been far too long since our last heart-to-heart.

We had a good talk. Apologized, and made new promises to be better to each other. And I feel great. So much lighter. Like I can breath again. Like we both can.

It sounds silly I know, but the point is not the steam here, its the meditation that comes with it; the re-establishing of the connection with your self.

I've let some not so worthy or well intentioned people into my life these past couple of years, and while they may have physically been removed from that space, their negative energies and memories were still carrying with me. And those needed to be cleared, and replaced with positive, self loving energies only.

Laul, I sound like a fucking hippie. But you know ...its true.

I also smell like an enchanted garden now, which is a plus in my book.


  1. Ah cool!! Never heard of this!!

    Where do you go to do that?

    it's important to take care of every aspect of ourselves!

    Happy 2017!!

    1. Happy 2017 to you too! I actually had one of my friends do it for me, she's a spiritual healer slash reiki guru doula type who basically has magic hands. It was awesome, and probably more accessible than you might think!

  2. lol this is funny. I wanna try it.