One more year...

Oh yeah, I also turned 32.

I'm officially, at that age where everyone you meet is younger than you. Men included. Not that I'm looking (at this particular moment in time). Its just, something I noticed.

I don't really feel a way about it to be honest. Indifferent, I guess. It just freaks me out when I think that I broke up with my last "real" boyfriend (I just rolled my eyes at myself) 5 yrs ago. How naive I was taking "some time to myself". LOL, fucking hell.

I should probably start thinking about freezing my eggs soon.

I hear that's what they do here in cougar town.


  1. I hear you!
    I turn 37 this year (look 27 black dont crack) but all the guy aroud are late 20's early 30's...

    Oh well let the cougar in me be relase!!

  2. Lolol ...be free my child, be free!

  3. we all grow older, nothing to worry about! :)