I feel like every time I need to get over a guy I jump back on this only to get incredibly disappointed by the selection on offer and curse it again but - I'm back on Tinder.

Honestly, its such a bitch.

The only reason I'm on it is because I hear so many fucking success stories that I can't help but cling to that little bit of hope inside my heart that says "maybe, that could be you one day". The selection is still crap, but I can't control that. The ratio of good looking women to men in this city is off the charts - its just no contest. But what am I gonna move just to get around some cute boys? (Hooded Kermit says yes.)

All jokes aside though, I'm way more liberal on it this time than I've ever been. I swear I've swiped right more times this week than I have in total, to date. And I think is the result of several things.

Mainly, my new found understanding of being more open to anything different from, well, me. I don't need to date me, I am me. What I'm looking for is a compliment to me. My new mantra; a realization that isn't quite as obvious or easy to come to as you might think. Well, for some of us.

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