Lemme explain...

I feel like I should to elaborate on my last post.

Because while some of you might get what I mean, to the average Joe coming across my blog, it might seem like I'm saying I don't have any standards when it comes to love slash men slash my dating life slash slash slash slash.

And that's definitely NOT the case. I mean, I like to have some fun too sometimes, but there is definitely a bar firmly set in place, and its at like, Olympic level high-jump height. Most days.

Anyway, what I meant was, I need to set some standards, or boundaries, that protect my peace. Peace of mind, peace of life, peace of happiness.

Because I've set myself up pretty well here. As in, I'm comfortable in this little bubble I've built. I have great friends, a small crew of really good people, a great little apartment, a nice social life, and challenging projects and opportunities that fuel me. And I need to protect that.

I can't be letting my want for someone special compromise what's good for me, and take away from what I'm building.

You see it's not so much it's not about weeding out the bad ones - well, ok yes its definitely about that in part - but what I mean is, its not so much focused on judging men for their shortcomings as it is recognizing and being strict about the point at which something is feeding me vs. starving me.

If its not hitting drop it and move on. Simple.

I need to establish a gut based cut-off point, so to speak. That thing that says "nope, this is not what you want it to be, let it go". A marker to recognize and trust, so that not every interaction I have with a man has room for circumstance and context and rationalizations. Because I've learned that I can rationalize anything if I really want to. And I mean, anything.

And that's not ok. Not when it's my emotional well-being that's at risk. I should not be rationalizing the love I want.

So yeah, hard lines - get some.

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