The vow...

I'm watching a friend go through a break-up and it's making me think. Five months, and things still just haven't quite kicked into gear for him. Which is ok - that's life, and love, and relationships. But... she's waiting for him to change his mind. Or at least, wants him to. And that's the problem, because this isn't about his mind, it's about his heart. (She will be ok btw, this is just typical break-up stuff.)

So, I'm making a vow, to myself, to stop waiting around for guys from this point on. Because the simple truth is, if you're waiting, you're not a priority. Not for a relationship, not for a date, not for a text. And I'm absolutely worth a text. Plain and simple. 

Words mean nothing; actions do. I don't want to hear what you think of me, I want you to show me. And if you can't, no worries, I'm not mad, I won't judge. But I won't wait either. 

Because I have a life to get to. 

And this is much easier said than done, I get that, but that's why I'm writing it down. As a reminder, a proof of contract, that I know I can do better. 

Because while I do think we need to be careful not to make it seem like we don't need a man (which I think is very much something I may do, actually) - it's important that we don't need a man. Not for definition, not for purpose, not for happiness or practicality, or getting things done. I can take my own vacations, I can pay my own bills, I can give me my own love. And I can certainly hold my own until someone who is actually interested in making me a priority does come along.

Herein signed by me.  



  1. Congrats. As soon as I sought to be content with me, I became the kind of woman a good man could appreciate. And my husband found me shortly after.