Ode to the real ones...

Shout to all the guys who actually love the woman they say they love.

In practice, as much as theory.

Who aren't texting someone else at all hours of the day, talking about how badly they need them and want them and "miss" them while she's away. Who aren't kissing and "craving" another girls lips and hips, and calling her "babe". Who don't see and use words like "friendship" and "respect" opportunistically, as cards to be played.

You are the real unicorns. 

You are the reason we keep at it. Keep trusting in something we do not see.

Because the rest of these heauxs, well... they're just all the same, really.


It's like, one of the most challenging things about being a single girl is holding on to the hope that you won't end up with just another one of these guys "committed" to his "relationship". 

... you just see too much shit.

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  1. Shame how just acting respectful, the bare minimum, is to be applauded.