Oh, also - I'm not seeing the younger guy anymore. 

For two reasons; 

1) He is moving. His work just relocated him to another city (in another country) and while he will still have his place and some projects here, long distance is just not really.... realistic.

2) Also, he's too young. My friends hate when I make things about age, but it's true, and not something I can ignore. And I don't mean so much in numbers, or even in terms of maturity, just... mentality - he's still selfish. But I mean, understandably so, hell I'd be too if I was as successful, popular, career focused, and rich as he is. Why shouldn't he enjoy the "fruits" of his labour so to speak? But all that paired with a whole new city to "discover", well yeah... I'd just be fooling myself, really. 

Also, the kissing isn't worth it. Which was such a bummer because I had such high hopes. I thought it might improve with a little direction and practice over time but - nada. That was just as selfish too. (It's funny how you can tell so much about a person by how they kiss you. That might be a piece actually.)

Speaking of which, I got kissed the other day like nobody's business. And I mean REAL kissing - the hold your face, send shivers down your spine (to other parts) kind that has you replaying it over and over and over... and over and over and over again in your mind.

Just ...hot.

But that's another post.


  1. A good kiss can make it or breake it!!!

    Agree with you 100%!!

    Been a while since I had one of those...

    1. So true. And yes, they are too often too far and wide in between.