22 steps...

I don't usually post these - but this piece just knocked me off my feet. 

My entire last year's worth of healing and transformation described in 22 perfectly specific, perfectly accurate points. I couldn't have written this better if I tried - and I went through it. 

I think the most comforting, and yet still so totally shocking thing - because even though you know, you never really knowis that I'm not alone. It's not just me who experienced this. I'm not the first who hurt like this. I'm not the only one who had to lose myself to find me again.  

And the funniest part is, even though I knew he was selfish, and knew he was narcissistic (note to all women out there: any man who says his mom doesn't love him enough is a man to run away from, trust me), seeing it on paper, so to speak, makes it all just so damn clear.

People like me we're not made for people like him.  

And all the good bones in your body that want to make and give love, and help and heal others, weren't made to bear the weight of another. They can't save those who don't want to save themselves. 

A part of me wishes I could have seen this before I had to go through it all... but then maybe I did. Maybe I just couldn't see it. Maybe I wasn't meant to. Maybe something like this is only supposed to be a reminder not to make the same mistakes twice; to never doubt your self... worth... again.

Here's to seeing things clearly: http://goo.gl/MQ3ZI0

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