Swiping left...

I genuinely hate Tinder.

It's not even a fun a game anymore - just depressing. 

I think I've swiped right 10 times total, and all have been courtesy swipes. Like, consciously telling myself to be open minded and give it a try even though he's 5'8, or doesn't speak English, or looks like he may have some domestic violence issues.

"Give it a go" they say, "Maybe he'll surprise you" they say... no.

"If you were a vegetable you'd be a cute-cumber."

If could roll my eyes back any further they would be in my feet. And cucumbers are fruits.


When did my life come to this? How do I not have a nice, normal boyfriend by now. (rhetorical)

I need to move.


  1. Hate it as well!!
    and like you I swipe right just because... I'm not feeling the dude but hey never know.....NOT!!!
    i can't believe a grown man told you that line. it's cute when you 12 not at 30!!

    You want to move to another city ? if you can do it!!

    1. Can't stand it. I just keep deleting it and reinstalling it when I hear someone say they met a great person on it, and then deleting it again.

      ... so frustrating.