Not excited, but not not excited either...

I met someone.

It's new, and still fresh but, he's letting me know how he sees me. And maybe, just maybe... I need to hear him.

He is young. Ish. Younger, but mature. And sweet. And my gut says be careful you know this type... but also... be open.

Because as one person  - no, as the universe and literally everyone around me is trying to tell me these days - I need to lighten the fuck up. I have been so closed off for the past year and it's time to let that go. For real. No more pretending.

Because you never know.

And I don't. (Even though I like to think I do.)

It's a bit strange though, every single time I start to think "meh, no big deal, it's not going to go anywhere" (and I mean EV-VER-RY-TIME), I get these almost instant, verbal reinforcements telling me, literally, to be open to it.

Whether its a friend telling me to just enjoy the ride, or having a virtual stranger suggest I do a piece on dating younger men who have their shit together, or overhearing a conversation at yoga class about letting go of expectations and letting things fall together - this message is confronting me.

Quite deliberately.

And I can't ignore it anymore.


  1. oh cool!!! happy to hear!

    And like you said just be open and be true to yourself!!
    quick question where do you meet new people!!? i try tinder( hate it) online dating. Most of my friends are in relationship. I found it hard to meet cool interesting people in your 30's...

    I guess i have to look harder and just try to open to new things!!

    1. I think what I'm learning is that it will literally happen anywhere...you just have to not be so quick to write it of. That's probably the most annoying answer, and I wish I could say "oh, you need to go to x store y street, there's tons of great single guys there" but... that's not life. Unfortunately.

      So just, do it all - go out, go online, go to friends birthdays and events. People are all around, you just need to take the blinders off and them show themselves to you.