Step 1: Go On Dates...

So I'm dating.

Actively. I turned on my Tinder and "opened my mind" and have been swiping right for about 2 weeks now. Not heavily, but like, a lot more than I ever have considering I can pretty much count all those previous times on one hand. (Yes, it's that bad actually.)

Anyway, I have set a goal of one date a week which, I thought sounded reasonable when I set it, but am actually finding out is really quite a lot to keep up with. And I'm only at week 2.

It's just that is a lot of work. The texting, the calling, the seeing. And how do you know? So far, I've met two really great, really kind, smart, independent guys, and had a reasonably good time with each (for a first date). But, I dunno... I just cant't tell if they were, you know... it. And by that I don't mean "the one", I just mean, what I'm looking for, in general. I don't know how I'm supposed to know. Or when I'm supposed to know that. Does it take more than one date? Is this something you normally have to go on a few dates to find out? When do butterflies kick in?

This is why I made the damn list. I don't want a guy, I want the guy. My guy. A guy who gives me bigger feelings than "really great". A guy who is more than just kind and loyal and mature. There are a lot of those out there, too many.

I'm looking for incredible. I'm looking for someone who is so many things, I can't keep up. Can't think straight.

I mean, it's nice to be comfortable and not stressed before a date. But, I want someone who shakes me. Who gives me sweaty palms. Who makes me write & re-write texts ten times over before sending.

I want to be nervous.

... just once.

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