The List...

Ok so I made a list.

More specifically, a "what I'm looking for in a guy list" and ... it's about 42 items long. 


I know. I need to work on it. That's too much to ask for. 

Well no actually, it's not too much to ask for. (Even though my girl was like "you're crazy, this is too much to ask for.") 

Truthfully, I do hope and believe that I can find a guy who actually does check off every one of those boxes, because, well, I just don't think they're all that ridiculous. I'm not asking for specific heigh & weight measurements, or looks (though I do have my preferences of course), or career types or anything like that, I'm just looking basic traits & characteristics that any generally well rounded, good-hearted, mature, intellectual, tall human being would have. (Ok one height requirement - because I'm tall!)

Things like:

worldly                                       happy/positive          
handy                                         a good partner      
dependable                                care taker
funny                                          creative
self-aware                                  confident
financially stable and organized (not cuz I want yours, but because one of us has to be)

You know... give or take another thirty or so type things. The kind of guy that any girl would be happy to have in a partner and best friend.

Ok maybe not any girl, maybe it's just me, but you know, something has to be said for knowing that you bring a little more to the table and wanting the same in return.

I'm not your average girl. Not by a long shot. And I'm not going to settle for  a guy who doesn't push himself to know a little more about the world and its systems, who isn't culturally aware, who isn't passionate about something, or doesn't read, or doesn't express his creative side. I need someone who feels. Who thinks. Who questions things and seeks answers. Who wants to learn and grow in every direction his mind can extend. And I want someone who is as open and ready to give and receive love as I am. Someone who is willing to go there, to be vulnerable with their heart. Because what is love anyway if not totally bare?
So I'm sticking it out. I said I'm this for the long hall and I mean it. I'm not just looking for a guy I'm looking for the guy.

The guy who makes me nervous. The guy who makes me feel like he's out of my league.

That's the good stuff. And I want it.  


  1. Well I think its good to know what you want! And I'm sure you'll find that some of those things are more compromisable than others.

  2. Interesting... I'll swipe right, add you on instagram and maybe you'll submit an application 😉