A matter of perspective...

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday, and he said something that really took me by surprise.

He said that this was a big year for me, and that I'm doing such great things despite what I've just been through, and that he really hopes I tell my story one day, because people need to hear it.

It took me minute to process his words because somehow, they just weren't clicking. How on earth could that possibly be what he thinks. What he sees... in me? It's so, backwards. So not the truth. Not truth I was living, anyway.

But he continued to say that a lot of people (read: women), don't make it out of what I've just been through. They let situations like that, people like that, define them. Still them. Defeat them. But I didn't. I walked away, and more than that, I'm using it to push me forward. To accomplish the things I've been saying I've been wanting to do for a long time.

I kind of just stared at him for a while, confused. 

But you know... he's kinda right.

I mean there are definitely days when I wake up and all I feel is negative emotions - jealousy, anger, heartache, resentment. But for the most part, I have made a very concious decision to not dwell in this. I'm not letting it take up permanent space in my heart. I'm learning that I have to let those emotions come, that I have to let myself feel them, and that they will fade. 

And I think it's time I started giving myself credit for that. We all should. 

Its so easy to judge our level of success failure by all the things we haven't accomplished, or haven't learned, or wasted time on, but very rarely do we look at just what all we have. Or how we're actually handling all those personal disapointments. Or at least, thats true for me

But the fact is, progress, like happiness, is a question of perpsective. And its a lot closer than you realize when you consider that. 

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  1. Sometimes seeing ourselves through other peoples eyes is so helpful. You sound like you're doing really great to me. I admire your ability to ook back on yourself honestly, and openly. Taking a note from your book!