Something for Me...

I think most of us would agree that I’ve been needing to take my mind off things lately, right? (Yes, clearly.)

Well, last night I did. I had a date. And not just any date – a good one.

And also, a realllllly awesome highschool style makeout sesh.

He is quite yummy I must say. I met him on IG. (Unusual maybe, but really you’d be surprised how many of my last 10 or so friendships/connections/wtv were made off some form of social media (all). So not really all that weird, for me.)

Anyway, his body is something devine. 6’3, gorgeous, has a tattoo sleeve & this adorably southern tinged American drawl.

It’s no great romance. But it’ll definitely do for now.

… yup, it’ll do just fine, for now.

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