Unsolved Mysteries...

Can you have chemistry with someone you’ve never met?

Curiosity yes, attraction yes, even butterflies yes… but what about chemistry? That ease & comfort, that vibe, that “clic”.

I think that’s an energy thing right? Something that can’t pass through the phone, or skype.

I don’t know what it is - pheromones, physics, whatever – but I feel like it requires intimacy. Not sex necessarily, but definitely a physical closeness. A hand touch, knee bump, deep stare. No?

It’s more than just shared words right? … a shared interest?

… or, is that all it takes? (In which case, I guess I have my answer.)


  1. I don't think you can feel that without meeting no, it'd be really disappointing if everything else was perfect and you met and it was a flop :(

    1. God I hope not. Because then I would already have my answer... and that just won't do.