"F" is for Failure...

Ummmmm, ok. Did some reflecting this weekend, and came to the conclusion that I have, more or less, let myself down over all this year.

Yup, a big fat FAIL.

I know, "don't be so hard on yourself" is what you're thinking (well, hopefully) - but it's warranted, trust. And also, I have to be otherwise, how am I ever going to grow?

11 months ago I set out to make this my "year of yes". To be selfish, go with the flow, and take whatever opportunities come my way, in effort to let life show me where I'm headed, and not other way around.

Now, in many ways, I did this - especially the being selfish part, that bit has been really easy actually. But if I'm honest, despite my dozens of conscious yes's, I've had just as many, if not more, conscious no's.

So, I gotta re-start.

2014 + 1 month (this month) will be awesome.

No more vetos. No more being shy. No more over-thinking. No more silly rules about types, or long distance, or height. Ok, still height, I can't sacrifice that one - types too, it's who I am. But no more safety zones generally. Or depending on people I know to set me up with people they know, either. No more depending on anyone else, period. And certainly no more POF - that's for sure! (I know that one seems backwards, but that shit generated like 90% of my year's worth of no's, no joke.

... No more excuses, that's the motto. More "why not's", less why's.

Ok, I think I can handle that.

(Ps. I know that, technically speaking, those are all No's to begin with, and therefore futile to my point, but they're also all negative in nature, which would suggest cancellation. Because if a double negative, is technically a positive, then technically, they're now all yes's. Get it? Good.


  1. You're going to be the yes women :) Good luck! Pity we weren't just born with a list of names of suitable mates on our butts or something-life would be heaps easier then. I'm still lobbing for people to wear wristbands: green for single, red for taken and just because I'm open minded blue for seeing lots of people at the same time, it's sure save a lot of subtle (or not so subtle as the case may be...) probing to find out who's single and who's not.

    1. Wouldn't that make life more simple indeed. I would also add black to that colour list though, for all the I'm too fucked up right now & don't know what the hell I want's out there. Even if only for those, things would be so much easier...

  2. I'm with you on that. I'm also going to trust that it's going to all work out. There sare many times that I freak out I will be alone forever and then I start settling. And damn it, we just can't do that. Yes I will be open. And yes I will stop making rules and think of reasons why I shouldn't do something. Fuck It we have nothing to lose! 2014 +1 month should be the year of Fuck It! LOL! Good luck!

  3. Fuck it! Thats a good motto too, lol. WE CAN DO IT! Game on.