Happy Holidays... !

I know we're on the tail end of things now but, better late than never I suppose, right?

I don't know about you, but I've taken some time off this christmas, to just be home and calm down a bit. I feel like I've been running at full steam for a long while now, and my body and brain are begging for repose.

... I'm actually writing this from my bed, where I've spent the better part of my entire day - apart from a few bathroom breaks - in my pjs, eating chocolates & drinking wine, while catching up on a few of my fave blogs. (Single life I tell ya, it's something to behold.)

But anywho, this post isn't about me (imagine that) - its about you.

Mainly, a big thank you to all those who have written to me over the year(s) to share your own stories, advice, and humbling words of encouragement along the way. I often get asked (read: judged) for putting my business out here as honestly as I do, but what they just don't get is that it's just as therapeutic for me to write, as I like to think it is for you to read. And funny enough, in some strange way, I often feel a lot closer to all of you than I do to most of my friends...

Which has been a huge wake up call for me actually, but I'll get in to that later.

So here's to enjoying whats left of your holidays - whether cozied-up in bed like me, or out & about like one of those 'I actually have a life' types. (#lame)

Health & happiness, xx


  1. Well happy new year. Nothing wrong with spending it in bed with chocolate ;)
    Don't you just hate those 'I actually have a life' types? LOL

  2. I mean seriously, whats the fun in that? ...lol