Moving On, for Good...

Ok, I’m back. (God I start too many posts this way)

But I am. I needed a little hiatus from writing after ending things with Smooth – I mean really ending it, for good for good – because my head was messed up.

I actually contemplated stopping writing entirely - which I realize probably sounds ridiculous to you, but a lot of those final emotions and conversations we had, had to do with this blog, and the thoughts I've expressed on it post break-up. So naturally, I had, and to be honest still do have, some guilt about that… and I might always.

But, after a lot of thinking, I’ve realized that I can’t forget that the break-up was because of reasons & feelings that we both know existed long before I started writing about them. So, despite the sadness, I’ve decided to turn the experience into a positive & move forward. 

Appreciate the lesson & use it grow, right? That’s life’s rule. 

... so, I’m growing. 

Also, I missed you guys. (awwwwww)

And also, I went on vacation. Which was awesome.

I went to DC. As in, Washington DC. And I went solo. Well, not quite solo. I wound up connecting with “T”, and pretty much hung out with him the entire time, minus a couple days & nights where he had prior commitments. I hadn’t seen him 4 years, which could have been disastrous, but actually we picked right up where we left off, and had a blast. Just like old times, but better. There’s more to come from that city for me, I think…. I’m just not sure in what capacity.

But anyway, I’m back at home now, a little bit bored and craving my next adventure. That’s the thing with travel, the more you do it, the more you need to do it again -nothing like discovering new places & meeting new people to make you realize just how small your life is, and how awesomely huge it could be. 

So, to stifle the urge to just drop everything & disappear for a while (a thought which has received serious consideration for the better part of a year now), I’ve got a few other trips in the works. My favorite being a girls getaway trip to NYC in a few weeks, which I’m SUPER excited about. (my financial adviser will kill me when he finds out how much I'm dropping on two days... oh well.)

Summer didn’t really pan out the way I thought it would to be honest. I mean, I had all these big plans of going out a lot, dating (as in actually going on dates, not just messaging randoms online), and just generally singling & mingling about this fair city of mine. But, I think what I realized most over the last couple months is that I’m just not in a place for that right now. As fun as it is, and while I might not necessarily turn down the opportunity to get my flirt on should the right guy come along - I haven’t wanted to. Like, with anyone. Maybe it’s the guys here, ok yes it’s definitely the guys here, but maybe it’s also timing. I guess I’m just not up for it right now. 

So for now I’m single. Happily. And mingling... albeit, very selectively.

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