Dear Diary...

Two things, 

First - It seems I met an interesting little fishy on POF. He is a pilot, and he's funny. And really tall. He's also totally not what I usually go for so, points for me for stepping out of my box. It's just conversation right now... but we'll see.

Second - I decided I'm not going to go to paradise with Mr. Perfect. As much fun as I know we would have, and has wonderful as he is, getting into anything with him is just too complicated. He's amazing and generous and ready to make a girl very happy - but I'm just not there.

I'll probably have to stop talking to him altogether I think. Which makes me sad, because I know I'm passing up a guy you're not supposed to pass up... and also because this was the closest I've been to having sex (and a vacation) in 6 months.

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  1. First - good luck with the new potential fishy!

    Second - you have to go with your gut and if you feel it's not a good idea, then go with it. ;-)

    1. Yeah. Going with my gut seems to be the theme for this year...