Crazy Twitter Love ...

Right, so you know how I said that I was going to push myself to be vulnerable this year? Well, you gotta start somewhere - so I did.

I DM'd my Twitter crush.  (this is a BIG DEAL, ok ppl?)

*Not PK - I'm not ready for that yet - this is my other Twitter crush (TC).

I can't tell you his name because I'm giving you the convo, and if I give you his name and the convo well, then that's just too embarrassing for me. Also, since he followed me back (homg squeal!), there is a chance he'll see this post should he ever decide to explore and click the link on my profile - probably not, but still, I should save him the embarrassment just in case.

Anyway, the reason I'm telling you all this because I think there is an educational element here. And by educational I mean in a "here's what actually goes on in an sex/male attention in general starved twenty-something year old's head behind that Keep Calm & Single On attitude she's trying to exude". PURE CRAZINESS. Also, I may or may not have any girlfriends who would actually care to hear about this - because, well they're in real relationships with real people and don't need things like "a twitter" to make the day go by. (FU)

Ok so, some background: He's a writer for a late night cartoon, and is the funniest person I follow on twitter - hence the crush, naturally. He "liked" my selfie AND followed me back. (also BIG DEALS)


Me: Thanks for the follow! I pretty much live for your tweets, so that just made my day :D

Cute, simple & with just a hint of extra friendliness.

TC: (5 hours later) Lol. Hey! No Doubt ;) how are you. Thanks for liking my ridiculous thoughts.

Oooohh, a question! This would insinuate intentional prolongation of the conversation! Also, an exclamation point - why? Because he's excited about how cute I am? Because he's excited to have a DM? Because he's generally hyper & excited person? I will choose option 1. Oh, and look, a winky face too. International symbol for "how YOU doin'?".

Me: Lol, I'm quite good, how about you? Ridiculous maybe, but hilarious nonetheless - apologies in advance for all the favouriting to come ;)

I returned his question. This shows I'm caring, and not selfish. It also shows I'm here to talk. Also, he self-deprecated, I picked him back up. Complements are for boys too. (extra points for me.) Also, I let him know that there will be more interaction between our two accounts to come - but when? Mysteryyyyy....

TC: I'm good. Heading home for the day! Well - thanks for the likes in advance. Will try my hardest to get you to not unfollow me lol.

Damn. Did he just blow me off? What does he mean "well  - thanks for the likes"? He opened up the conversation with me - he can't just close it like that. Wtv, it's not like I wanted anything with that asshole anyway. He can't even punctuate properly. Some writer. Wait  - did he say he will try his hardest to not make me un-follow him? That sounds pretty hard. He must REALLY want me to follow him. ...Ok.

Me: Not likely, have gave a good one... ;)


TC: You too :)

He wishes the best for me. Because he loves me. We are in love. He just doesn't know it yet. 

See? Told you ... totally bonkers.
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  1. Anyone who has ever been on Twitter for more than 5 min. has or has had a Twitter crush! I know I did, well, do. I say favorite, RT, and winky face your heart out! Virtual toes crossed for a "like" connection!