5 Things Women Shouldn't Do In Bed...

Today's guest-post is educational kids - or should I say, ladies.

Now, before you get angry at me for selling-out and becoming one of those bloggers who just tells you what & what not to do everyday of your damn life, take a second and read this post first. Yes it's telling you what to do BUT it's only to make sure that you get yours when & how you want it. Still angry? Yeah, didn't think so... 

Welcome Liz!


Generally speaking, if you're in bed with a guy then you must be doing something right. There aren't any rules when it comes to sex, and seriously, there aren't many things you can really do wrong when you're naked. However in order to get the most out of your sexual experience and to ensure that you're partner does too, here are five things women should avoid doing in bed.

Don't be afraid to ask for what you want.  
Always remember one crucial thing- men aim to please. The guy you're sleeping with wants nothing more than to be the best sex of your life not only because it feeds his ego, but because it means you're more likely to want to have sex with him again! You have to help him out by telling him exactly what you want, what you like and how you like it. Most guys find it incredibly sexy when a woman uses her words to guide him in bed, and are thankful for the point in the right direction.

Don't censor yourself.  
Every relationship and sexual interaction is different, but don't hold back when it comes to enjoying yourself in the sack. Take charge and lower your inhibitions. The guy you're with won't be turned off, we promise.

Don't confuse sex with emotions.
In an ideal situation, there is both a physical and emotional connection between you and your partner. In my situations though, the sex comes first and can make you feel like there are intense emotions there too...when there might not be, yet. Always remember that sex and love aren't mutually exclusive, so guard your emotions if you're unsure of what type of relationship you're in. Of course, if the feelings are present for both people, don't hold back at all!

Don't fake it.  
Faking an orgasm doesn't do you or your partner any favors. While most woman would agree that it is definitely possible to have amazing sex without reaching the big O, it's always nice to feel like you got yours. If a guy believes your moaning and groaning and thinks he's succeeded in getting you there, he won't change what he's doing...which means you won't get a different result. Keep it real and he'll keep trying, and trying and trying-which is a lot of fun in itself!

Don't take sex too seriously.  
Sex should be fun! Don't be afraid to laugh or tease each other, don't be afraid to put yourself out there and most importantly, don't be afraid to do the wrong things. When it comes to sex, being “right” all the time can get boring. Stay true to yourself, put more importance on your partner's satisfaction than on your own and relax. It's just sex.

Liz is the social media manager at No Strings Dating and We Love Dates.

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