From the Archives: Why It's Actually Good to be Single During the Holidays

Well, I originally posted this for friends who had gotten dumped right around this time of year, and needed some good old fashion cheering up. But now, it seems that these former words of mine quite fittingly suit me & my current situation. Funny how that is. (What's up with holidays and dumping?)

Anyway, if you're also flying solo this holiday season, don't fret, says me...

I've come to the conclusion that the Holidays are the best time to get dumped. In light of two of my dear friends recently getting news that they'll be spending Christmas solo, It is my duty (as the friend who gives advice) to help them see the brighter side of things. The funny thing is, I've actually come to believe my own words. Think I'm crazy? Hear me out:

1. If there is one good time to be alone, it's when you're surrounded by friends and family. Being alone alone sucks. Being alone during a time where you get extra love from those closest to you, doesn't. They've flown in, driven down, maybe even taken a little extra time off work to be with you. Love that. Live that. At the very least it will help take your mind off things, and at the very most, you'll realize how lovable you really are.

2. If there is another time to be alone, it's under the mistletoe. Okay okay, maybe that's a bit too soon. But what I'm saying is, why not start the new year independent and having fun? That saying about "how you spend NYE  is how you'll spend the rest of the year" is a load of crap, but the truth is, you'll spend the year the way you decide to. So why not start it off make the most of it and let the most will back to you? Be selfish, be confident, & get yours, hun.

3. Winter means hibernation. Hibernation means quiet. Sometimes the quiet and staying in of the season allows for things like self reflection and improvement. Take some time to get to know you this holiday season. Think about what went wrong, think about what you need. Take some time off, mentally, and you might find that whatever happened, happened for a reason.

... See? Not so crazy hunh?

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