From The Archives: 10 Reasons Why Guys are Lucky to Have Us

This is feeling very relevant to my life right now, so I'd thought I'd re-share it with you all.

You know, because sometimes we can all use the reminder...

10 Reasons Why Guys are Lucky to Have Us:

10. Because we will fight to the death (almost) to protect what's ours.
9. Because we will champion their causes, ambitions and dreams no matter how formidable or far fetched.
8. Because we put up with their annoying, clingy, territorial mothers.
7. Because we tell them their ideas are smart, even when they aren't.
6. Because we actually thrive off taking care of, and doing, special things for them, even though they might not always deserve it.
5. Because we forgive a lot of things that we shouldn't.
4. Because we'll suffer through a brazillian if it means a slightly bigger smle on his birthday (ok, there might be some selfish reasoning in there too, a bit)
3. Because we'll ditch our friends for the millionth time in a row if he asks us to.
2. Because even though we're the smarter and stronger sex, we'll play dumb and helpless to make him feel needed.
1. Because we'll be his little sex kitten after his long, hard day of work even when we're bloated, stressed, and tired from one ourselves.

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