And just like that, it was over...

Hi there, long time no speak.
I know, my fault entirely. But let’s put it all behind us & make up, ok? Because the truth is, I got distracted by things. By life. I took on some new projects & got caught up.
But I’m back now & I’m needing this little ‘ol blog of mine more than ever these days. I need to vent, need to get it all out.
Smooth & I have ended it. 
Well, at least, I’m pretty sure we have. It’s going on our second week apart (which feels like forever), and we’ve barely spoken a word. I’m back living with my sister, slowly removing all of my things from his place.
I’m a mess. I pretty much just weep helplessly while packing & unpacking all of my stuff and listening to sad songs. It’s all rather depressing really.  Like something out of a bad rom-com.
But, I think this needs to happen. Actually, I know it does.
Things have gotten too ugly between us to repair whatever is left of our relationship, while living the same space. 
We need some time apart, to think, to figure out what we can & can’t give to one another.
Whether we’re totally broken, or if we can save “us”, I don’t know. But I do know that love is there for sure. I feel it.
But happiness, & the motivation to work on getting it back, that’s what I’m not so sure about. It's going to be hard & I'm not sure if either of us has the energy for it. We’ll see, I guess.
And I’m not just writing this to make you feel sorry for me, or because I’m feeling sorry for myself (well, maybe just a little). 
I just want to put this out there - to the universe so to speak - so that whatever is to come next knows that I’m accepting this situation & open to receiving it.

That might sound crazy to you all but I don’t care. I strongly believe that good things fall apart so that better things can come together, and so I’m just saying that I’m ready for that better thing, whatever it might be.
I just hope it’s what I hope it is. 


  1. whatever happens, it will be ok. You just need to remember not to let time stop. Keep up with what is going on around you (or what you have been doing so to speak), so that whatever falls back into place later, falls back properly.

  2. I think that's the hardest part really, not letting time stop. When you've shared 3 years with someone and suddenly split, nothing routine feels very routine at all anymore. But yes, I've got to remember myself in this.

    Thank you for that, it's good to be reminded.

  3. It's good to have you back on the blogging scene (although not under these circumstances) but I look forward to reading about how you work through this time as I am sure it will help us out here too :)

  4. Thanks! It's good to be back!... despite the circumstances.