New Beginnings...

Hey y'all, I'm back.

I know, I know, its been forever. I got lazy. Actually that's a lie, the problem is that I got really busy, only it was outside of here. My life in recent months has been full of changes, good ones mostly, but big ones too, so I haven't really been able to find the time to get on here and write. But, now that things have a settled a bit and I've received my 500th text/email/FB message etc about when the hell am I going to get back on here, I figured its about time. Also, I have time now, because I quit my shitty job (hooray!). So yeah, here I am…staring at this screen.

I think the worst part about blogging is that as soon as you stop, or fall out of it for a while, getting back on that horse and writing that first full length blog seems so that much more daunting. What to write about, that's hard. I mean I have all these topics and notes written on post-its all over my bedroom, but finding inspiration, staying in the moment of the topic, that's hard. It's like I have to re-learn how to blog. It's stressful.

…I guess I'll just start from the beginning, since that's probably the easiest way. But bear with me, my first few posts back might be a bit shaky. I need to get my groove back so to speak.

I should probably just recap the last couple months (very briefly!) since the last thing you all know about is that Smooth and I were in a tricky spot of our relationship, not communicating very well at all. Well that's definitely changed. We are doing better than ever. 

Communication is aced. Is it always happy and wonderful? No. But we're really good at talking and listening now, so whenever something is wrong, we put it out there and deal with it. He listens, I listen, he has learned to say what he means and mean what he says, and I've learned to say sorry and admit when I'm wrong (which has never been something I "do" per say). I think those were our biggest challenges in terms of communication, so I'm really glad that they've been smoothed out. (pardon the pun.)

We also celebrated our 1st year anniversary, it was great. Well, as great as it could be given that I had come down with the flu literally the morning of, and had to be propped up on my chair during dinner with a few hundred spare napkins close by to wipe off the profuse amount of sweat exiting from just about every part of my body (so sexy, I know). But it was wonderful, really. And it's pretty much been a dream since that night. There is something about that one year mark that's magical. Like, it's a bitch to get to, but once there, it's as if everything just kind of figures itself out. Suddenly, things start clicking and the relationship becomes this well oiled machine again, like it was in those first few months of dating, only more naturally. Fascinating.

Also, Smooth quit music. For good. It shocked me, I didn't really believe it, but I'm not complaining. No more cool industry parties or award shows, but that's nothing compared to the piece of mind he now has and the peacefulness that's brought to the relationship. Its absolutely incredible, like night and day. His focus is on us now, were not rushing home to write lyrics, or stressing about video deadlines…all is calm and cool, our time is our own. Which is amazing, and perfect timing, because...

I'm almost moved in. It's a slow process (snails pace practically), but one that is finally starting to happen. So that's good. Its meant a lot more time together, and a lot more time to work on us. And its really paid off too. Especially in the bedroom. Our sex life is amazing. It was getting to be a little bit too, how can I put this nicely? … routine? So we've amped it up a bit, and dedicated ourselves to making it fantastic - which, funny enough, I didn't really realize I wasn't doing until I made myself do it. Honestly, I didn't realize this, but sex doesn't just "happen". I mean it does, but not forever. Like, not even for a year. At some point you actual have to nurture it like every other part of a relationship. I knew that, heard it… but now I "get" it. And it's awesome. (ps. I will definitely be doing some sexier posts from this point on, now that I'm really starting to explore the wonderful world of "Sex" and all it has to offer, I'll be wanting to talk about it a lot more, and not just literally, I want to get into that good ol' sex therapy talk. So, fun times ahead.)


I think that pretty much covers the basics for now. Of course there are other things that I want to share with you, but their deserving of their own posts so I'm saving them. Plus it will keep you coming back.

More details later (like tomorrow). Promise.


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