Unsolved Mysteries....

Why do we wait around extra long pretending to study, or work or be busy just in case he calls?

I mean, I know why (because we like him, duh), but why do we not know better than to put ourselves through this?!

I remember hanging around the university library with my nose buried in books I didn't need to study, refreshing my FB page every 30 seconds, and texting people I hadn't seen in a while but really didn't care to catch up with that much anyway all because I was bored out of mind waiting for my phone to buzz with that "what are you up to?" text. I remember thinking "well, if he does message me, it's better that I'm here in town just minutes away from where he is rather than at home having to make the trip back". And the worst part is I don't remember him ever texting!!! Maybe 1 out of 10 times would I hear from him... and I still don't think we ended up seeing each other!

Ugghhh! If I only had a dollar for every hour wasted... I could have taken myself out for a nice dinner and saved myself the disappointment!

Why do we do this?! (... you guys do do this too, right?) It's so lame! So lame, that it is now forever logged in my brain as a lesson to teach my future daughter (if I have one): Do not try to fit into his schedule, he's got to fit into your's; a man who works on your time is a man worth fitting in.

... and if I have a boy, I'll teach him to never, ever, do this to a girl, EVER.


  1. I did this last night...sad. I mean I kept myself busy but I also didn't keep my phone too far either. By the time 1130 rolled around I was like "I'm ridiculous" and just gave in and txtd him. Come to find out he was out with all his guys friends that night and they gone back to his place and were playing Wii and drinking. Awesome. I was really vague on my txts to him and actually said early on "oh, well nevermind I'll let you go, have fun!" which he then suddenly got super interested and he kept trying to pry details from my night which I grossly exaggerated but nevertheless he's interested, just stupid too.

  2. @Elaina: Omg, I've so been there. Why are we doing this!? Its not like his reasons for not texting are ever any good anyway? Wii? are you kidding me? Your time is so much more more valuable! You handled it right though, nothing like making him feel as though hes missing out to make sure he texts next time... but stupid is hard to get around.

    (also, you just inspired my next post)

  3. Right?! Like I was thinking Elaina > Wii. But clearly not, I guess they'll still pick Nintendo, guy friends and beer, even at 24. But I'm glad I inspired your next post, can't wait to read! :)

  4. Boys certainly do do this, don't you worry. Though as boys get older and grow into their confidence, they learn to take matters into their own hands and generally women appreciate the 'masterful approach'. Whenever i've suggested that my female friends do the same, they've complained that it would make them look desperate. A debilitating double standard.

  5. I'm a repeat offender of this as well, but am trying to stop wasting time in 2011. Good luck to us!

  6. @Angry BM: SO TRUE. I definitely have to agree that this is a double standard, when we say what we want, we're desperate, when guys do they're forward, but sexy. Hmmmm.....

  7. I wait all the time. Out of an 8 hour shift in my club, the first three hours are spent staring at walls until a customer comes in.
    Then all the girls pounce, and it's hilarious!that said, waiting for a call or text is Soooo annoying you end up testing the guy with a million texts till he thinks ur a bunny boiler.