New Nest....

Well, Smooth officially bought his condo.

When he get's his key this Thursday were going to have a sleep over in his empty living room to christen it. Just us, two sleeping bags and a mini Christmas tree. (I do realize that some of you are gagging right now, and I am choosing to ignore you.) We've already started talking about paint colors and layouts. He's leaning towards all white everything - obvi a man who doesn't do too much cooking and cleaning - I'm thinking stone colors. I'll let you know who wins.

Haven't figured out when I'll be moving in yet, but the idea of getting to wake up next to him and having him come home to me has me really excited. We definitely still have some kinks to work out, relationship wise, which need to be ironed out before our living space becomes limited, but all in all, I can't wait.

And I kind of can't believe this is really happening either. Not that I never saw this happening, or that I necessarily assumed it would either, I just mean I'm kind of surprised that I'm really making such a big decision right now. At 25. This is no joke. This is a step that leads in a very significant and unmistakable direction, and it means that somewhere in the back of my head I've made a rather huge choice. It means I've taken a stand on long term, Smooth isn't just a "boyfriend" I guess...

Holy shit that's scary to think about, why am I even going there? I don't need to, I'm young... shouldn't need to think about this for at least another 5 years!

I've got to go to bed... get my beauty sleep... think of more pressing and immediate concerns... like where am I going to find boxing-day shopping money to spend?!

This is why I don't think long term, everything is a whole lot more digestible when you think right here, right now.

Small bites Morgan, small (excited) little bites...

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  1. Its a big step al right, but its got to be done some time. First time I moved into someone's house, I left everything in my bag - turned out to be a good idea. The problem us guys have is feeling that we have the right to treat a place like its our own. Girls, on the other hand, have no issues with coming in and moving shit around to their convenience. I mean look at that your not even in yet and your telling the dude what colour to paint his walls.Ever see the movie, "About Last Night", when Demi Moore moves in with Rob Lowe? Still I am sure things will work out fine for you and Smooth, have a great Christmas.