The Big Question...

Smooth asked me to move in with him.

(Yup, you read that right.)

Its been about 8 months officially, 10 if you count the first date.

... I said yes.

Not now, I have some stuff I have to sort out first (money/work/family kinda stuff) ... but eventually, in a few months or so. And I'm really excited about it. I mean, this feels good. It feels right. I genuinely love this guy (who would have thought,originally) and the thought of falling asleep and waking up next to him every morning makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Is this crazy? Should I be worried that this is too fast? Is there a general rule that I should be aware about in regards to major relationship steps like this? I know they say the first year is the hardest, but ever since we had our huge fight and got everything off our chests, and I mean e-ver-y-thing (details to follow, promise), things have been pretty darn close to perfect.

Which is why I'm not worried. We've covered it all. There are zero secrets between us, a blank slate. So what else do we need?


  1. In terms of "zero secrets", does Smooth know about/read this blog? I promise I don't mean this to sound accusatory (if you could hear my voice it would be inquisitive not aggressive!) – I'm genuinely curious. And, if he does, how does he feel about it?

    I really enjoy your writing and having little pen portraits of things that've happened to you appear in my GoogleReader, but I'm not sure that, as a boyfriend, I'd be really comfortable with being written about for all the world to see!

  2. Don't tell him about your blog for fucks sake, when couples say they tell each other everything, they mean I tell my partner everything I think they need to know. As for is it to early to move in together? What is the worst that could happen, another big row and you move out again. Its better to be too early than too late.

  3. He absolutely does. In fact, while I was with my ex, he was a regular reader... so he knew what came with the territory from the beginning.

    But I have to be honest here, he's not entirely comfortable reading it regularly NOW, (I mean I do put out A LOT of information). And there are boundaries of course, some things/topics do remain private(understandably)... but for the most part he's fine, totally supportive of it as well.

  4. And @Toni, I suppose you are right. Why let nerves get in the way of a potentially great thing... I've always been a "deal with that road when we get to it" kind of person... why change now?

  5. A man I'm involved with now and I had a very involved/heated discussion this past week about my blog. Even though he said he was okay with my writing about him, he read the blog and comments and had a very adverse reaction to it all. We had to lay out really specific terms and agree to all of them together. Plus he asked for permission to my password protected blog, which I gave him. It's weird to have him amongst the commenters, but it so far it seems to put him at ease. Because of this blog scuttlebut, we've become a bit closer and trust each other more.

    It's one thing to say to a man "hey I write a blog can i write about you." What they never consider is the feedback from the commenters. I think that's what unsettles them most.

    Good Luck with the move!

  6. I think this is awesome :) You'll have alot of fun and its lovely to wake up with the guy you love every day

    Don't panic about it, thats when it starts to get stressful lol

    also, morgan is a great name, and one we happen to share :) x