The Birthday Weekend...

I am such a good girlfriend.

(I know I just posted about how terrible of a girlfriend I am, was, but that was last week. This week, I rock.)

Why? Because it was Smooth’s birthday this past Monday, and my present was awesome. I surprised him with a Fred Perry leather duffel and a pair of tickets to a professional football game. And despite the fact that we weren't acknowledging his turning a year older, and that the the whole event left me with acute laryngitis (going on my 5th day with no voice), it was worth it. Smooth and I have officially re-connected.

You see, with both of us being really busy lately - him with his music and me with work - we haven’t really been able to see too much of each other. Which, as you can imagine, has been just a little bit tough. And even though this might have offered us the opportunity to miss each other more (they say that's good for a relationship), it also meant more arguments, and less sex. Which left us both frustrated, and all the more ready to pick a fight.

So, we really needed this weekend to work ... badly.

We started the weekend with another friend's birthday party - an excuse to go out and get drunk since we weren't actually celebrating his own big day - where he was showered with compliments, repeatedly, by a drunken birthday girl and friends. (Seriously, if I didn't work with her, I might have clocked her one. But, it made him feel good (I could tell), so I smiled and put up with it).

He also met the guy from work there, who had come with one of the other girls, and saw what I had been trying to explain to him all this time. Finally we could move on. We eventually separated from the rest of the group, got trashed, and ended up having our own party for two in a cozy little corner of the club for the rest of the night... after-party at his. (wink wink)

Sunday was the big day. Game day. Stadium full of people, lots of beer and to top it off, a hometown win. That day couldn't have gone better - except for the whole laryngitis bit that is, started to lose my voice about 15 minutes in and ended up honking like a donkey for much of the rest of the game until it gave out completely in the last quarter. So sexy.

But all in all, it really was a pretty perfect weekend. And we've managed to keep that energy going. We're still busy, still not seeing each other as much as we're used to, but we're trying. So far, so good.

(And even if we do fall out of groove for a second, I now know how to get it back: sex and football. Easy peasy.)

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