What Ever Happened To...

Dinner & Dancing Dates?

Call me old fashioned but I really long for the days when "dinner and dancing" meant more than grabbing a 10-piece nugget trio after 3 hours of grinding it up on some sweaty cramped dance floor.

I mean how is it possible that with all of things that modern society has come up with to keep itself entertained, something as wonderful as spending the night swaying to a live jazz/blues/mo-town/big band has disappeared? At what point did that become boring & uncool exactly?

I want to feel beautiful and sexy ... without having to risk flashing the crowd or getting groped in the dark by some mystery man.

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  1. Where are you? I know of lots of places in many cities that offer places just like you mention! You just have to search them out. Especially salsa and swing dancing. I know exactly what you mean though. The reason I stopped going clubbing!