10 Reasons...

... Why Office Romances Work.
(Not advocating, just saying... then again, I'm not not advocating it either)

10) You can sleep over, and then car-pool in the morning.

9) Eating alone will never be an issue again.

8) The people you work with aren't exactly your bestest friends ever (new word, yes), so their opinions and thoughts don't really have to matter or weigh you down.

7) You don't have to explain why you're stressed/grumpy/not in the mood. He knows, and actually does understand exactly how you feel.

6) Forget sexy texts, a trusty ol' janitors closet is just a hallway away.

5) It's pretty much guaranteed to be short-lived, and casual. Since you both have real lives filled with commitments outside of work, neither of you really have the time to deal with any at it. This is business after all.

4) You see him more than you do your own friends and family, and you don't even have to feel bad about it.

3) You (both) always look and smell impeccable, which does loads for one's sense of attraction... especially if it means never having to put up with the more stale odors and behaviors of their more natural "home-self".

2) The secrecy of it all. A good relationship needs a little spice, and nothing sizzles more than a juicy little secret you can't tell anyone about.

1) It's naughty. And everyone likes to feel just a little bit bad.


  1. Yeah, offices are definitely shaky relationship killers

  2. I once had a thing with a coworker, it lasted maybe 4 months and it was very casual. yada yada yada it ended when i found out he was fooling around with another coworker.. guess even the most casual flings have SOME strings attached lol

  3. I went out with a co-worker once when I used to work at a restaurant, which worked great, but I think mostly because we both knew I was leaving the country in a month! I can't imagine what would have happened had I stayed. It could have gotten awkward.

    But, a good friend of mine started dating a guy at work and they're still together 2 years later (though she switched jobs!)

  4. Hi! I absolutely agree in terms of the naughty, sexy secrecy of the relation. I dated a co-worker at my actual job during 3 months while nobody else in the office ever knew. We lived only a few apartments away from each other. The best part was probably the afternoon naughty emails we exchanged... kept work interesting!