Moving in Slow Motion...

So, since I last wrote - which I realize was a while ago, and for that, sincerely apologize - Smooth and I have gone on 2 more dates (neither at his place, since I still feel its a bit too soon for that), had our first kiss/made-out, and had a talk about where this is going, well, sorta.

Here's the update:

Date 3 was at his friend's birthday party, aka his inner circle. It went well I think, though I can't say I really got a chance to talk to anyone what with being a little distracted - ok a lot distracted - by Smooth and his very charming, very bright smile and perfectly fitted figure framing sweater (sigh). See, we were kind of in our own little bubble that night, a flirt bubble. Not in an annoying way or anything, it's not like we were attached at the hip the whole night (that would have been rude rude)… only like 90% of it. Ok, so we pretty much only separated for bathroom breaks and a very strange (and slightly awkward) old school dance-off between him and some girl - yes I'm serious, no, he did not win. But in my defense it was (technically) our a date, so lots of flirting/ laughing/closeness in general is kind of the point.

The kiss came at the end of the night. No details on that (sorry), but trust me when I say it was nice.

Anyway, we had a great time that night. I got to see him be himself around the people he's most comfortable with, and I liked what I saw. Best date yet I'd say.

Date 4 was pretty great too, much cooler vibe, and definitely our most serious one yet. Well, for me at least. We went to a fundraising event at this small bar, the kind of place that is dark and cozy and good for getting to know someone. Which is exactly what we did, not like that, cheeky little fu**ers, the old fashion way: we talked. Talked about a lot of things, personal things … things that I don't usually open up about so early on with someone I'm so unfamiliar with.

And that's where I start questioning things. Nothing here is actually familiar, I mean I've only hung out with him 4 times, I really don't know the guy. But for some reason it feels familiar, he feels familiar. And while a part of me is sensible enough to know that that's a good thing, but it's also what makes me so nervous about all this in the first place.

Why is this so easy? Isn't it supposed to take you half the time you were in a relationship to get over it? It's been 8 weeks, shouldn't I be a mess right now? I kind of feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop or something…

The good think is that I think he senses that on some level, which is why he's being so cool about taking it easy. Yes he's been single for a while, but he hasn't hung around all this time only to end up as my rebound (he told me that). Being that I just got out of a relationship, jumping into anything too soon will only screw things up. And neither of us really wants that. So for right now, we're just taking it slow.

No labels, no pressure, just time.


  1. Try not to think negative thoughts. This could be the start of something special. And if not, well it's part of the healing process.

  2. wow, im so happy just reading this, knowing that my time will come soon, with a great romantic taking it slow, kinda guy =]
    happy for you....keep up with the update n_n

  3. Congrats! You've found yourself a beta male.

  4. I'm with Fishy here. Avoid negative thoughts, while only natural. He seems like a nice guy :)

  5. I'm with Fishy, too. We're so jaded about relationships now that when things simply click and feel right, we immediately try to find something wrong about that.

    Relationships aren't supposed to be hard. This one sounds really promising!

  6. Don't over-analyze! Enjoy yourself and take it easy!