Rejection sucks. Everyone knows it, there's no way to get around it. However, it being in our nature to do so, we girls can, and often do, soften the blow for you since we don't really want you to suffer too much hurt and embarrassment.

But seriously, you guys need to start picking up on our hints, because we will get mean if we have to.

When a girl tells you "I just got out of a relationship and I'm not really seeing anyone right now", she's being kind, appreciate that. It is not an invitation to start making her see someone (as in, you), or her way of saying "I'm not ready right now, but call me in a week or so and we'll see". What she means is she's not really in seeing YOU right now, and by "right now" she means at all/ever. If she liked you, there wouldn't be an excuse. Plain and simple. She would've have made plans with you regardless of how fresh the breakup is, how hectic her job is right now, or however recently Fluffy passed away.

So take a hint, take it like the man that you are, and walk away.


  1. Most guys would actually read that as an invitation. "I just got out of a relationship" is interpreted as "I'm up for something different to help me get over the relationship" and "I'm not really seeing anyone right now" is read as "I'm single and available." Men suck at taking hints, and they admit as much. Sometimes we need to literally smack their heads and tell them to bugger off.

  2. Haha. See, I don't get this because if I guy told me that same line, I would totally get it! I don't think it matters what words are used, a rejection is a no. Believe the person when they say this. The end.


  3. Men prefer direct communication. I like how women love to like to give men cryptic messages and then bitch about how the man didn't do the right thing. A good man is persistant and doesn't give up, so if you give him any sign that sounds like a "maybe", the right thing for him to do is take that as a yes. Are you really that clueless about men?

  4. You don't need to pussyfoot around, all you have to say is "You know I have always thought of you as a friend". All guys know what that means.

  5. Hmm a direct (but kind) way of getting the message across works too. :)

  6. I think it's best to be direct. You can be soft and nice, while being direct and honest.

  7. I like to start by telling him what a great catch he is. Then deliver the blow: I just don't see myself with you. No more explanation is necessary!

  8. Such a hard predicament.