10 Reasons...

... To Date An Older Guy

10. Better conversations and story telling. His thoughts and memories are formed of real things like traveling and lessons learned, instead of sports analogies and beer pong championships.

9. He can introduce you to a million an one cool "new" things you're too young to know about.

8. Someone's already "fixed" him. It might not have worked out, but she set him straight, and now you get to reap all the benefits (cooks, cleans, and dresses well too!).

7. He knows himself, which means he knows his shortcomings/idiosyncrasies and when he's messed up… which means you don't have to breakdown (or blow up) in order for him to communicate an apology to you.

6. No games. No waiting three days to call, no worrying about "where this is going", no getting back at you for anything. At this point he knows what matters and doesn't care to waste his time on what doesn't.

5. He's been around. And by that I mean, he's dated enough bad apples to know when and how to appreciate a good one (aka YOU).

4. Chivalry. Opening doors and pulling out chairs might seem like little things to most, but they mean the world to a girl who's used to having to "shotgun" the booth before even walking into a place... seriously.

3. More of a willingness to try new things. Whether it's watching 'Bad Education' and/or partnering you in a couples facial, he'll do it if means putting a smile on your face … no matter how challenging to his manhood it may be.

2. He can think past his own penis! I'm talking about when it comes to the physical, he's just… about you. (If you've made the transition from dating a boy to a dating a man, you'll appreciate this point that much more).

1. Confidence. In himself, in you, in what the two of you have going on. Doesn't get much sexier than that.


  1. I hear you...but older men aren't always better. Sometimes they aren't as "confident" or "fixed" as one would hope and there's always the children and ex factor.

    I started dating this older man a couple of weeks ago (I have him on hold now) and our dates have been nice, but he's a little too aggressive in his actions and language for me. Older men, really do know what they want and aren't afraid to say it.

    But there's one thing I can't seem to shake...the fact that he has children who are only a few years younger than me...the man in question is way younger than both my parents; however he has children who are around my age...it's kind of weird...but I do LOVE the "chivalry"!!

    And you're right, no game playing here...

  2. I have to throw a wrench in this post. You age whether you mature in your ability to have a successful relationship or not.

    I think all those things you've mentioned are definitely pluses for a guy, but I (unfortunately) don't think dating up in age makes it any more likely that a guy will have those attributes.

  3. The best part, is no games, and having confidence...

  4. Older man have a list like this called "1 reason to date younger women". The list:

    1) Average 18 year olds have better bodies than the hottest 35 year old.

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