The End of POF...

Despite my (rather desperate now) need to make-out, I've decided to delete my POF account.

I had to. I just couldn't bear it anymore.

I know I said I would keep you all updated my adventures both online and on potential dates, but the overwhelming majority of guys on there were just too pathetic/perverted/desperate for me to deal with. And I know that sounds harsh but really, I can only handle so many lame lines and sexual propositions. I mean, are these guys serious? Does that really work? Do women really respond to that crap?

Then again, perhaps that is all it takes to woo the type of women on free online dating sites like POF... in which case I should never have signed up in the first place.

Anyway, at least I know I'm not missing out on anything.


  1. Ah yes, the POF train. You'll find yourself (maybe) going on and off that site due to straining boredom at home, but yeah, it's a strange place. It's not so much the propositioning that bothers me because, come on, we're women, we get that walking down the street half the time. It's the short "sup how ru" messages that kill me, and that the intriguing ones are written by men with much less intriguing looks. Oh, internet dating! Then again, there's some norms on there. I've found my neighbour and couple of old acquaintances on there which gives some hope to the cause.

  2. Ugh girl, utter craziness right!? I had the same experience.