Dear Diary....

I have found a downside to being single again.

I can't just make-out anymore.

I have a terrible craving to just kiss someone (!) and in order to do that I now have to get dressed up, go out, find a cute guy, meet him, get drunk, flirt, and get to know him a bit over drinks/lunch date/dog park excursion first.

I miss the days where I could just turn around and have someone there, ready.


  1. Oh my. I totally know where you're coming from. I would suggest that if you were still on good terms with your ex to pash him, but that usually opens up a world of hurt, or at least, a can of worms.

    Hang in there sweetie.

  2. I've been contemplating starting an internet dating profile advertising for a make-out partner. Seriously.

  3. I always miss the small, but comforting things in a relationship that we often take for granted..

  4. Kiss your hand. Or a warm orange.

  5. I know what you mean my girlfriend recently broke up with me and i fell the same way. It sucks :(

  6. Lifebeginsat30: Let me know if it proves to be useful. If so, please send me a copy so that I may post one myself.

    Melan: Indeed!

    Plentymorefishoutofwater: Tried it.

  7. I miss those days as well.....but im waiting till the "right" guy for ME comes around, and then i can enjoy these feelings once again

  8. This is what really scares me about becoming single again. When I was with my now ex-boyfriend it was just so easy but now I'm single I'm a bit scared of all the potential teeth clashing, slobbering and choking on the bloke's tongue that might go on. Agh!


  9. Hear, hear, Sister. That's what I miss the most about having a 'steady'

    Ok, missing that the "most" sounds a little harsh, but I miss it an awful lot.