Date Night...

Guess who went on a date 2 nights ago?

I know what your thinking. Bit quick, no? Well, not really. See, I've come to terms with the break up. I can't say my heart has fully healed, but it has been 6 weeks so, long enough to know if it was the right decision or not. It was. Also, I really needed an excuse to get out of the house.

So about my date, let's call him Mr. Smooth. He's tall, dark and handsome, a bit older than me, and a self proclaimed "dreamer" - a practical one though, one with plans, which is good since I consider myself to be very much a realist. I think the best part about him is that the more I get to know him, the less he proves to be what I had him pinned for... so that's nice.

Anyway, it really doesn't even feel right calling it a date, since to be honest, it really didn't feel like one. See, we avoided the traditional (and rather formal) dinner setting and started right away with drinks, you know, to break the nerves. Here's the weird part though - I didn't have any. And now I'm wondering if that's a good, or bad sign. Usually, it takes me like 2 hours to get ready for a date, trying to find the right outfit and rolling over conversation topics in my head in preparation (yes, I actually do that). Anyway, this time I got ready in about 45 minutes. I just grabbed something to put on (hardly even looked in the mirror), threw on a bit of make-up, and went to meet him downtown. I was unusually comfortable and confident in myself - which is never the case, especially not on a first date.

But conversation was easy. Good eye contact, jokes and a bit of teasing. (It also helps that he has a voice like hot butter). We talked about a lot of things: current affairs, food, growing apart from friends, and New York City. Actually, it went so well that we got carried away and ended up being late for our movie - but that was ok since it turned out to be crap anyway, Sherlock Holmes, seriously, don't bother. At one point during the film I thought he might shift his hand over slightly and touch mine, or my knee, since we were so close - ok, I hoped he would - but he didn't. After all, it was only the first date so I suppose he was trying to be a gentleman... dammit. After the movie, we contemplated another drink, but seeing how it was already after midnight (and we both had work the next day), we opted to just call it a night. He dropped me off, and that was that.

Overall I would say it was a pretty decent first "date". A few surprises - like opening /holding doors for me and seating me first (something I am not at all used to, but will now definitely be holding as standard), a lot of compliments, and an overall sense of comfortableness between us - and one or two slight disappointments - conversation, while entertaining was generally superficial and a little formal, just not sure if I really got a good sense of who he is. Oh yeah, and I don't know if he gets my sense of humor, I tend to like to tease a lot and he didn't seem to pick-up on that... but that will come. I hope.

The good thing is, I definitely need, and want, a second date to find out more. Not sure if I can say I "like" like him yet, but I'm definitely intrigued. And that will have to be good enough for now.


  1. It sounds like a really good first date and I love it how he was so gentlemanly. Can't wait to hear what happens on date number two.

    Kate x

  2. I'm definately looking forward to date number two... Come on - you can do it ... do it for all us girls who aren't having any luck getting past date number one at the moment - we need the faith lol..

    Cheryl x

  3. Sounds like a pretty good first "date" to me. I love that he opened doors and seated you first. Smooth, indeed. :)

  4. Yay for good first dates! I'd say you not being so nervous could be good in that you feel very comfortable with him :)

    I agree with Cheryl...you have to go for date 2 just to show all of us first-daters that it can actually happen!


  5. wpw, thats amazing, i hope for that again....when is your next date ?

  6. Is it fair to say you are totally past the break up and there is no more feelings for the ex. Ps was the date with the guy you'd consider having a drink with when you had a boyfriend?

  7. @ Cheryl and Lifebeginsat30ty: Lol, I'll do my best! But yeah, the more I think about it, being comfortable with someone can't be all that bad...

    @ All Women Stalker: Me too, it's a nice change.

    @ Anonymous: Actually, it is. I think you know when something is right or wrong for you, it's just a question of whether or not you're willing to admit it. And no, it isn't.