The Birthday Party...

You'll have to forgive me, I'm a bit hungover so I'm going to make this quick.

I celebrated my 25th a bit early last night with friends and some cousins. Smooth showed up. I was little nervous at first - once I saw him I realized I wasn't quite at the 'meet my friends and family' stage - but there he was, so I figured I'd better just go with it. Went to the washroom for a minute while he ordered his drink to check my make-up/breath/teeth, and stepped back out into the crowd ready to bring him over and introduce him to everyone. Couldn't find him - because he was already at the table, well past introductions and already encroaching onto conversation.


Got to the table, fixed myself a drink (tripple), found a nice spot to dance/chat in the corner, and rather nervously decided to throw caution to the wind.

good call.

We had a great night. Much more flirting and touching than on our previous date (he said I smelled amazing, love a guy who notices a good perfume). And he took well to my circle - a little too well actually considering it's only our second "date" and he's already got inside jokes with my best friend. I wanted to be a little put off by that, really I did, but he's just too cute to be mad at.

uh oh.

Ended the night with two kisses (on the cheek like the french, because that's how we do it here) and texted each other all the ride home. He asked to see me again before Thursday (my actual birthday). I said ok. That will make 3 dates... in about 8 days. Definitely need to take a breather.

... after the next one.


  1. wow. thats really cool, and good to here, and you didnt even have to try hard, u were yourself
    and things fell into place.....

  2. Firstly, Happy Birthday (in advance!).

    Secondly, glad it went so well with Mr Smooth.

    Kate x

  3. More dates at first means good connection

  4. But what did your friends think? :)

    He seems cool, though.

  5. Happy Birthday in advance...not sure why but I thought you were older?

  6. Awe, he plays well in the sandbox :) Good luck!

  7. @ jassy_onya'e: Things do seem to be falling somewhere, yes, I just don't know if that's where I want them yet.

    @ Kate: Thank you!

    @RenRex: Definitely a good physical connection going on, but I think it might be overshadowing the other part so I need to be careful...

    @ All Women Stalker: Friends think he's cute (and nice) all seem to think he's a rebound. We shall see...

    @ Plentymorefishoutofwater: Nope. Just 25. And I choose to take that as a compliment.

    @ Lifebeginsat30ty: Haha, thanks.

  8. Hahaha so presumptuous of him, I LOVE A MAN WITH CONFIDENCE :) sounds like some good potential..

  9. Happy Birthday in advance. I think too many dates is a good thing. hope the real birthday is great

    Kate C (There are too many Kates here i swear!)xx

  10. I'm so jealous! I've been chasing that ever elusive 3rd date for months. Have fun!

  11. Happy birthday! I agree, just go with it. There aren't many people anyone would like to see 3 times in a week. Have fun.