One Week Later...

So I’m at that point where I’ve accepted that the relationship is over, but am now grieving the loss of my best friend. I keep catching myself writing out texts to him and wanting to push 6 on my speed-dial (his assigned position).

It’s not necessarily that I miss him in the sense that I want to get back together with him, but not having that person there to crack jokes with, send good-morning and good-night texts to, or just get a hug from when I need one is hard. Really hard.

But I suppose this too shall pass…


  1. One question:

    Do you think it's too hard to still have all of that but stay platonic friends with yor ex?

  2. That's the thing, I don't know if could really ever be totally platonic. I would hope so, but I don't think so, not right away anyway.

    Regardless, there is a part of me that hopes that's in the cards for us at some point...

  3. Do you see yourself in the future back with him, because you still have thoses strong feelings for him. Do you even still love him or you just miss his presence?

  4. (hugs)

    I know it must be hard right now but make sure you don't deal with it all by yourself. Find solace in family and your girlfriends :)

  5. I know the feeling...it's probably best you use your time focussing on reaching your goals. It's the perfect distraction and one thing you know is that at least for right now, he is not "The One", which can be exciting in lots of other ways. The search continues...so grieve, get over it, and have some fun in the process. I love your blog.