Meanwhile ... on POF

Checked my Inbox on POF today. Got a message from Mr. Wrong. No, seriously, that was his screen name.

His message said "you are sexy, let's chat". (Oh goody, a creative one). For fun, I checked out his profile. In the 'about me' part he wrote: "the one you wouldn't usually go for at first glance, but after a few drinks and once you get to talking, realize he is a good person despite his many flaws".

Riiiiight, because that makes me want to find out more.


Of course, there were the predictable messages from over-tanned, over-muscular, and most likely under-educated shirtless torsos as well.

Delete. Delete. Delete.

Sigh, yup, real jackpot I've hit here...

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  1. At least you get messages Morgan! Nice post.