You Tell Me...

So here's one for the guys: For a girl, attraction grows deeper with time. You may be cute on the first date, but you're pretty damn near comparable to Taylor Kitsch - see Friday Night Lights for reference - after you've cared for my sick cat while I was out of town or brought me soup and crackers when I was forced to stay up late cramming for exams. The more time we spend with you, the more there is to be turned on about. Unfortunately (and rather depressingly) I overheard two guys discussing the exact opposite of this at a pub today.

So you tell me: Does a girl really become less sexually desirable the longer you are with her?


  1. I think its true. After you have had sex with a girl eight or ten times, you pretty much know every inch of her body and you know how she is going to react to everything you do to her. The fact that you say men become more desirable after they look after your ropey old cat, (if you want a cat carer, become a lesbian. I have heard they are very fond of cats), or bring you soup and crackers is insulting. Most men would rather you said that you love them more because of their cocks or their vigorous love making than you saying you would like them to be like some aunty while you are "out on the town". What you are really saying is that after a while you become more affectionate to men rather than being more attracted. For some men thats enough I guess.

  2. Toni, if you "know how she is going to react to everything you do to her" after only having sex with her 8 or 10 times, you must run out moves and surprises pretty quickly. I would not want to be your lover.

  3. No worries Ruby, I doubt I would be your type anyway. You are right however, I'm all out of surprises, I honestly can't remember the last time I had sex for any other reason than to make her happy or because it was expected of me. Which makes me wonder can you truly be a good lover unless you are taking a certain amount of selfish pleasure in it? Sort of like a physical version of that "you can't love others unless you love yourself" thing the do-gooders are always saying.

  4. Ha, this is a brilliant observation and, sorry girls, it's true, true, true.