To Wax or Not to Wax... That's the REAL Question!

Ok so this one was bound to come up eventually. I've been wanting to write about it for a while really, but finding the right approach proved harder than I thought. But then I read this:

For those of you who don't care to read it, I'll explain. It's an article from the Times Online, well actually it's a question sent in by 38 year old woman who recently stepped back into the dating game. She's dating a 27 year old now and they have reached a, shall we say, "point of conflict" in their relationship. Basically he freaked when she took her underwear off and exposed her rather unkempt ... "garden".

See now I'm all for grooming, in fact, I think it's probably the most important thing I look for in a partner, initially. The problem here however is that these days - in the case of just about any woman out there who isn't a porn star, stripper, or single 20yr old in the midst of her own personal sexual revolution - "unkempt" pretty much qualifies as anything that falls short of a Brazilian. And what's worse is that the Times Online Answer Person - yes that's her official title - sides with the woman's 27 yr old boyfriend in explaining how unfortunately, thanks to porn, Brazillians are now expected just as much as shaved legs and armpits are, and though it may not be very fair, because men have now been conditioned to find pubic hair "off-putting" in today's society, it's up to us to do something about it.

Um... excuse me? First of all, I highly doubt that enough women out there are spending the extra $50 a month it takes to get the damn thing waxed for it to really be much of a social standard. Second, if having a Brazillian or not is going to be the deal breaker in this relationship - or any one for that matter - then maybe it's not the pubic hair that needs to go. Ladies, don't stress out about what you should or should not be doing according to today's latest trends, or worse, your boyfriends happiness. Always do what is best for you. The average woman is not walking around completely bald like you might have been told she was. And that's because, like you, the average woman has a life, she has things to do and bills to pay - and unfortunately for her man, contemplating the latest trends in pubic hair and weather or not his pornographic fantasies are being fully satisfied are not that high up on her list of priorities.

Bottom line is that it's your body, and it's your comfort. If you can handle the pain (yes, the pain), the up-keep, and the cost, then go for it, because there are definitely some major benefits to going bare down there. But if for whatever reason you can't, or just can't decide, please don't let someone who cringes at the thought of tweezing his eyebrows influence or make you feel bad about a decision that involves ripping hot wax off your most sensitive parts.


  1. I like a good bush...
    Nice post.

  2. Have to admit I do get the Brazillian done regularly but that is for my preference not the guys. I will say if you are going to do it go for hot wax not the strips it is so much better

    Kate x

  3. Thank you for writing about this! It's one of those taboo topics and something needs to be said.

  4. AMEN!

    Personally, I prefer it, but that's just me. Esp. when you're from the Caribbean, you need to be bathing suit ready 24-7, you never know when your friend will show up at ur door, ready for a random beach run.

    A Brazilian wax does not equal hygiene, its cosmetic only. Ask your waxer, that's what she'll tell you. Whoever thinks diff is probly some stupid arrogant commitment-phobe or a girl who simply doesn't do her research. And here's an interesting fact: hair on our bodies has biological purposes, one of which is to trap dirt & bacteria and stop them from entering orifices in your body. No pubic hair for an extended period of time leaves you vulnerable, open and prone to the *GASP* dreaded yeast infection! Ask your gynos, girlies, seriously!

  5. I'll wax when he agrees to wax his balls. Only fair.
    Till then, it's shaving.

  6. I read that article in the paper the other day and it made me sad. I have so much to say on this subject! In fact, I'm going to post about it very soon.

  7. I used to always apologise for an unkempt bush, a wax was always due the next day it seemed. Now, less so, it's impossible to be smooth and post-wax ALL the time!

    Only when I am seeing someone regularly, do I book regular waxes.