You Tell Me...

Ok, simple question: What is that one thing that you just cannot accept in a (potential) partner? For some it's lying - although, personally I think that's kind of ridiculous, not to mention hypocritical since we all do it anyway- for others it's bad grammar. A dorky name, bad hygiene, being rude to waiters, and wearing pants covered with the patches of various NBA teams are also popular ones.


So you tell me: what is your deal breaker?


  1. it has to be the bad hygiene.... like... bad odor smell as well as bad breath. I kissed someone with shrimp breath one time. it was over right then and there.

  2. Honestly? It has to be either a pencil or a mushroom dick!


  3. bad hygiene and/or no sense of humor

  4. 1) Arrogance ... cockiness is so unattractive to me, I don't find it amusing like most women tend to, primarily cuz I know exactly the kinda wack behaviour that follows it. Kindness to others is SOOOO much more attractive to me, it'll get me quick!

    2) Bad bedroom skills. If you can't fuck, AND worse still if you have attitude to add to that, I want nothing to do with your sheepish ass. Go date a fat high school chick with low self-esteem, I'm sure she'd be game.

  5. The more I like someone, the more tolerant I can be.

    Past deal breakers have included: bad grammar, poor communication, excessive use of text speak, dirty nails, no sexual etiquette, constant inane grinning, refusing to use my name (babes, love, kitten etc..), wet kisses...

  6. I have a new one to add to the list as of this evening - dirty ears!