Alice in ... Loveland?

Loveland, on Jeju Island in South Korea has literally given the term "amusement park" a whole new meaning. I can't tell if I find this incredibly cool or incredibly uncomfortable. It may actually be a bit of both. Whatever the case, I could definitely get lost in this park for hours.(http://jezebel.com/5389184/and-now-its-time-for-a-nsfw-field-trip-to-love-land/gallery/)

On a side note, interesting that a country which never speaks about sex, and frowns heavily upon PDA, has come up with such an explicit and elaborate display.


  1. Is it wrong that this has given me a small boner?

  2. Interesting indeed ... But that's Asian culture for you, I guess. Beautiful sculpture.

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  4. [Sorry for the double post.]

    Haha! I found your blog and have been going back into your archives, and was surprised to see this. I live in Korea and have been there, and it does seem really out of place. Especially when you go and see that all of the patrons are old married couples. Not what you would expect in Korea.

    Anyway, I also write a dating in Korea blog (hookingupinhanguk.tumblr.com) and was going to email you, but couldn't find it listed on the site. If you ever need or are interested in a dating in Asia perspective, I'd love to be your girl!

    Keep up the awesome writing, and don't worry about your ex. :) We all have breakups, and it always works out for the better.