Tis the season to be... Attached

Well, Monday was officially the last day of summer, and that only means one thing - besides a new fall wardrobe, yay! - couples season is upon us. Couples season you ask? Yup. You know it, the air is getting cooler, nights are getting longer, swimming, bbq's and sundresses are being replaced with apple picking, fireplaces, and matching Uggs. I mean let's be honest here, it doesn't matter how bad your last relationship was, how "happy" you are being single, or how many good shows this fall's line-up has, at this time of year having someone to cozy up too when the sun goes down feels damn good.

So, in honor of the new season, I've put together a list of some of my favourite fun fall activities that will keep that summer heat between you and your Mr. Right (or just Mr. Right Now) even though temperatures everywhere else are getting a whole lot cooler.

#5) Take a trip to the Botanical Gardens - The changing colours of the leaves is probably the most beautiful part of the season, so why not take advantage of what the city's gardens have to offer and check out nature at its finest. It's a really peaceful way to spend an afternoon together, especially when it's followed by a nice cup of hot cider.

#4) Get out to the country and go horseback riding - I know, I live in the city, and I know, I haven't done this before, but the idea of it sounds really great. Beautiful scenery, beautiful animals, beautiful afternoon, makes sense right? Yes, maybe you'll come away with a soar ass, but that's what massages are for... get my drift?

#3) Plan a 'Fright Night' - Everybody loves a good scare now and again, so plan a night to get scared together. It's a great reason to cuddle up and good way to find out what really freaks him out. There are all kinds of fun things to do for this including movies, psychics, and fun things/events around the city during the weeks leading up to Halloween.

#2) Get a good game of flag football going with friends - Let's make something clear, when it comes to relationships, not all games are bad, this kind for instance is a good one. First of all, it's one of the funner ways to get some exercise and fresh air together. Second of all, running after him, ripping that tag off him, and stomping on it is a really great way to let off any steam that you might be harboring. Third, with all the adrenaline and excitement going on, not to mention the perfectly sweat soaked t-shirt that will be clinging to his form, you're going to want to get close to him fast, unfortunately however (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) , you won't be able to thanks to the audience, so that will have to wait until after the game.

#1) Plan a pumpkin picking party - Everybody wears plaid (cuz it will look cute in the pictures), and everybody picks out a pumpkin. The idea is to bring them all back to someones place and and have a carving competition. Its a cool way to meet each others friends and just hang out in general and create a unique memory together. The best part is you get to make some goodies with the scraps! And chances are, when you're all done, you'll both stink of pumpkin, which means you'll both need a shower, hint hint. See? Good times from morning 'till night, a perfect fall day.

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  1. Nice! Yeah Fall is a time to be boo'd-up for sure ... think "The Freewheelin" album cover (Bob Dylan)