Dear Diary...

Is it ok to be in a relationship with someone you're pretty sure isn't "the one"?


  1. I think perhaps it is if you take it as a learning experience, and don't lead them on to believe that you think they're the one. Be upfront about it, so you don't get labelled a heartbreaker afterwards. (Then again, if you are upfront about it, you take the risk they'll leave you.)

  2. Why bother? Just have fun with the situation but don't get caught up & don't waste ur time. Best advice I ever got is don't get tied into a relationship u aren't 100% sure u want, and don't make a relationship outta sthg that isn't meant to be, it's a waste of everyone's time, you could be productive elsewhere in another area of ur life ... or even with someone else! lol.

  3. Eventually you'll get bored of it. I call these "convenience relationships" because you're getting what you want- the dining, wining and knocking. bow chicka wow wow!