You Tell Me...

Most times, all it takes to let a guy know you're interested is a smile (of course, just being a girl means you're already 75% of the way there, send the rest in his direction and your job is done.) But there are times when a smile isn't enough, and, according to my poll, a lot of the time most of you are too chicken to make that first move on your own. So you tell me: Whats the best way to pick-up a guy?

(This one is for you too boys, I'm sure your helpful hints will be appreciated).


  1. Best way is, come to us and ask something random, start up a conversation... and most of the time it will be obvious if someone is interested or not. Then you can go for a drink and so forth.

  2. I normally expect a complete cv, (less than three pages please), with a photo, (keep it tasteful). Applications for the position of girlfriend are normally handled by my PA but occasionally a random encounter maybe considered.