What Ever Happened To...

Getting to know someone over dinner/coffee/the phone?

It seems like every time I hear about people meeting each other and exchanging info that 'info' consists of Facebook, MySpace and whatever other profiles and addresses people collect these days. Does anyone else long for the days where getting to know each other didn't involve some form of internet stalking, I mean "friendship", but rather actual face-to-face (or at least phone-to-phone) communication? Where's the fun in hanging out and getting to know someone when you're already following them and their mother on Twitter?

Call me old fashioned but I miss the days of actual courtship.


  1. Well, what can you do? You have so many websites that are in, where a young person must be like FB, MySpace, Twitter, a blog and like 100s of other sites. It has it's pros and cons. As for the oldtime courtship, it didn't work a lot of time for me in the past. I feel like people get to know me better when they read my blog. Before you saw a person, you had no clue what kind of character they are, if they are single, if they are looking for someone... I know so many people who met online and married, because you really can do a thorough research before you give your heart away. That's how it is 2009. Every generation has it's own way of courting.

  2. grown up business requires grown ups...that's why I don't do any of that social media stuff in the beginning. You pick up a phone and call me. If not, someone else will;)

  3. @ Sarkie - I guess texting is better than FB & Myspace, but I would hope that there is an actual conversation that precedes it.

    @ Blackie - I agree, whole-heartedly. Man up, if you want to date me, you're gonna have to talk to me at some point, so we might as well get those nerves and awkward jokes out of the way now.

  4. I miss the old fashioned dating also! Actually, I think that FB and myspace and all that other junk hurts relationships more than helps them, especially in the early stages. That internet stalking can lead to jealousy and temptation.

  5. It seems like people rely on the social networking sites to take the guess work and akward situations out of dating. It's like skipping straight to the third date. Though this might improve chances for the connection to be made, I'm a firm believer in big risk, big reward. I'll admit that point of view can have it's downside, but then again, so can being stuck in a mediocre relationship...