But, Nice Guys Don't Finish Last...

So, my boss showed me something today that left me a little... peeved. It's a letter, to women, from a guy supposedly answering the age old "what happened to all the nice guys" question once and for all. (http://www.girlsaskguys.com/Articles/Dating/Where-did-all-the-nice-guys-go.html)

And I'll admit, there is some truth to what he's saying as all too often we girls do totally bypass the great guy "friend" who's always there for us in choice of the asshole who will most assuredly break our hearts. But to blame the extinction of the "Nice Guy" solely on us?! I find that a tad extreme, and bitter, to say the least. His claim is that it is our lack of appreciation for "Nice Guy's" actions which motivates him to turn into the "Asshole" we like to date. "Nice Guy" becomes "Asshole" because we make jokes at his expense, excuses for why we can't date him, and use him to get the emotional intimacy that's lacking in our relationship with "Asshole" and avoid having to reciprocate with physical intimacy (pig).

Now, I don't know about you, but to me, this argument is just plain ignorant... not to mention a little juvenile. This guy clearly got burned by one girl, badly, and is now making a hugely incorrect and oversized generalization about the rest of us. What really gets me is that even if this were a fair statement, do guys not do this as well? Do they not go for the hot, ditsy, kinky anno with the huge tits and a fake hair and make all the rest of us feel pressured to fit that mold in order to get some attention? I mean, I don't know one girl who hasn't compromised some aspect of herself at one point or another for a guy; it goes both ways. And did this guy ever stop to think that maybe he's after the wrong type of girl if she can't appreciate how good of a guy he is? At a certain point, like after high school, we girls figure out what's good for us and start seeking out "Nice Guy" precisely for the reason that he is not "Asshole". We can't be held responsible for the fact that this guy let a girl who never reached this stage of development abuse his feelings, that's his own fault. And even if she did reach that stage, did he ever stop to think that maybe she just didn't bother with him for the same reason that guys choose not to bother with certain girls? We all - women and men - want to be with a confident, vocal, and take charge kind of partner, if you happen to have been rejected by someone it wasn't because you were too "nice" - everyone likes nice - it's because you're a boring, insecure, push-over too sacred to stand up for your own feelings. Who wants that?

I dunno, to me this just sounds like a whinny high school kid with a huge chip on his shoulder. Don't lash out at women just because you got you're heart broken, grow up, learn from your mistakes, and move on, it's what normal people do when they run into assholes like you.

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  1. I agree, you can't hold women responsible and generalize, because personal experiences can't be used as some kind of scientific proof.

    Each of us has his/her own issues. It's better to think about yourself, before blaming others.